Combed Top

Updated 1/31/15 (top two colors are "hot" of the combing machine)                                            

Light grey 100% Shetland  $3.00 an oz.

Dark brown tinted black with a few silver fibers 100% Shetland $3.00 an oz.

50% Shetland, 50% yearling mohair combed top. Dreamy soft, silver color. $3.00 an oz

100% Shetland, very soft. White. $3.00 an oz

100% Shetland yearling wool. Very soft dk. taupe color. $3.00 an oz.

Browns Shetland Combed top
100% natural brown striped Shetland combed top. $3 an oz.

100% moorit Shetland combed top. Soft and lofty. $3.00 an oz.

50% yearling and second clip kid mohair, 50% Shetland X Coopworth lamb soft and silky $3 an oz.

50% natural silver (a shade darker in real life, this is darker than the new batch) Shetland lamb 50% yearling mohair combed top. $3 an oz.

Fawn/Rose Grey-50% Shetland/ 50% Alpaca combed top. $3.oo and oz.